3 June 2020

When help or support is needed first use the “help” icon from within Audit Assistant (bottom right of the screen):

  • This connects to relevant articles from our support hub.
  • Includes a contextual search function with a number of suggestions.
  • If the suggestions are not suitable, use the search bar to access all the content on our support hub:
  • The help topic will open in the sidebar, but clicking on the up arrow will open the full article in the support hub. 

If browsing for more information go directly to the support hub.

Support hub front page

This provides information on:

  1. What type of work can be done within Audit Assistant.
  2. Answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Services we provide if you are seeking further training.
  4. Detailed instructions on how to use features in Audit Assistant.
  5. Articles of interest related to topics like audit principles, COVID, AML to name a few.

The site has been separated into five main categories of which category has its sub-categories. For example, the category Articles has sub-categories for current issues and technical articles for areas of focus such as:

  • Less complex entities
  • Accounting standards
  • Anti-money laundering audits
  • And other audit and technical issues

The Q&A section has answers to questions that other users have asked and we feel are beneficial to users especially frequently asked questions.

We recommend looking at all categories especially the Q&A section before contacting us directly as this will speed up the process of obtaining an answer, however, we are always just a click away if needed.

Contacting us directly

  • When using the contact option tell us as clearly as possible the specific problem.
  • Attaching a screenshot of what you are seeing is often helpful.
  • If you tell us the name of the job you are working on this is also very helpful as we can view from our end.
  • If you think it easier to discuss your issue over the phone please provide your phone details so that we can contact you when it is convenient.
  • Our response will depend on the urgency of the request and time of the day – ranging from immediately to the following day.
  • Please also contact us to make suggestions and provide feedback – this is most helpful.

While the help-desk or email is the most reliable way to contact us in the first instance, if a really urgent issue has arisen and we haven’t responded on the help-desk, try calling us (in business hours) on:

  • 021 169 4097 (Clive – content, and admin); or
  • 022 199 6830 (Swikrit – technical issues).