Mission statement:

Since 2009 we have made secure, online documentation software to help auditors and related professionals complete their work efficiently and in full compliance with assurance and reporting standards. We focus mainly on the SME and Charity sectors, providing small and mid-tier firms and networks with the support they need to stay up to speed, including training and file-review quality control services. Audit Assistant utilises the latest technology and audit techniques so users can rest assured.


Our vision is to create tools and services to help assurance and related professionals support and add credibility to the charities, community organisations, and businesses that they serve for a more just, transparent, and caring world.

Absolutely love your product! Thank you for creating a platform that facilitates a robust audit assurance process!

 Laura Addinall / LACA Limited

Audit Assistant creates secure, efficient and up to date assurance, compliance, compilation and review systems.

We have a proven history of protecting client data, great professional customer service, and maximum up-time to reduce stress; letting users focus on what they do best. Our main clients are Chartered Accountants who perform assurance and compliance engagements for a large range of clients including schools, charities of all sizes, small to listed public companies, and trust accounts.

Related products are provided for Chartered Accountants (financial reporting checklists, compilation work-papers, and year-end data gathering tools), and for AML auditors (cloud-based AML audit work-papers).

It compares favourably with the audit software that I used in one of the Big Four firms.

Catriona Cory / Hounsell Accountants

We also develop custom applications for other organisations.

Needing reliable, accessible tools for assurance, quality control, client communication, systems audits? A bespoke documentation and review system for your organisation or network? We can help with that.

We also provide a reseller account, so that our platform can form the basis of your great product idea without spending a fortune on platform development. Talk to us about adding our expertise to yours.

You get up to saving maybe about a third or half of your time. 

James Murray / Associated Business Advisors

We assist locally owned firms.

While we serve the whole audit and accounting profession, we have a particular focus on assisting local firms working with charities, community groups, social enterprises, and small businesses.

These entities provide the social cohesion needed for thriving communities. Their effectiveness and credibility depend on the quality of professional support they receive. We aim to provide these firms with the best possible tools and training in order to carry out this work.

Being able to rely on AA for staying current with amendments to standards is great as a belts and braces approach to keeping up to date.

Graeme Scarlett / Independent Auditors Limited


Personal, professional, and timely service:

Assurance professionals operating in a demanding environment need to be able to trust their tools. We enjoy providing that comfort that everything is up to date and reliable. And if something goes wrong we will fix it quickly.

Design excellence:

We like going the extra mile to ensure that interface and content are fast, intuitive, consistent, and are based on secure, robust technology.

Constant improvement:

We try to be proactive and ensure that we are anticipating developments and providing guidance for our users. We also respond to requests for new features and content in a timely manner. We love to hear from our users.

Supporting wellbeing:

Assurance professionals play a vital role in making the world safe, ethical, and sustainable. We particularly love to support professional practices that serve charities and small businesses that are providing jobs, connections, and care in our communities.