Audit Assistant for Accountants

Financial Reporting Checklists

Clever checklists to ensure your financial statements comply with the reporting standards. Including:

  • IFRS and PBE Checklists
  • Small Charity Reporting Checklists (Tier 3 PBE and Tier 4 PBE)
  • SPFS for FPE Checklist
  • See Financial Reporting Checklists on the support site for more details.

Year-end Client Data Collection Tool

Use the Audit Assistant sharing tool to collect data for your annual compilation and tax work. Gather client data faster and in a format that you can easily use.

  • May be customised individually or for the whole firm
  • Client may upload any type of attachment (Excel, Word, PDF, etc), or link to files in their Google Drive or similar repository
  • Shared for online data collection, with the account receiving an automatic email once the client has completed the checklist
  • See Year-end Client Data Collection Tool on the support site for more details.
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Tier 4 PBE Simple Format Reporting Tool

The tool is an Audit Assistant style work-book that can be used by an accountant or their client to enter data for the Performance Report – Entity Information, Statement of Service Performance, Statement of Receipts and Payments, Statement of Resources and Commitments and Notes to the Performance Report.

Financial Reporting Regime Tool

This tool may be used to test that your client has chosen a suitable reporting regime or to help you choose the appropriate standards to adopt for your compilation work.

  • The tool may be used independently of audit, review or compilation job, to decide which regime applies
  • The regime selection tool produces a report that may then be attached as PDF into client file to show how the reasoning behind the regime selection
  • See Financial Reporting Regime Tool on support site for more details.

Annual Compilation File

The annual compilation file meets the need for a central digital repository for annual compilation work.

  • Easy trial balance import from Xero and other common software
  • Includes annual rollover
  • Meets SES-2 requirements and Code of Ethics (2019) requirements
  • Full online collaboration with team and client
  • Financial reporting checklists for all kinds of entities
  • See Annual Compilation File for more details.

More tools through our partnership with Aro Assistant

Aro Assistant uses the Audit Assistant platform to deliver opportunities for accountants to generate extra revenue streams:

  • Standardizes and streamlines the routine procedures
  • Produces something tangible (a branded report) that can be delivered to the client which demonstrates the value added
  • Takes into consideration if a fee should be charged for the extra work
  • Fills the marketing gap
  • Is a simplified affordable solution that fits with your business
  • Improves the quality of our work and advice to your clients

Visit https://www.aroassistant.com/ for more details.

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