Auditing is a means to support a robust, caring society through encouraging accountable and transparent business practices. Auditors support not only businesses providing employment and social stability, but a multitude of small charities, clubs and social enterprises doing good out there. We love making great, innovative software in collaboration with our users. Supporting auditors in their work and doing it with style is why we make Audit Assistant.

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What is Audit Assistant and how does it work?

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Your auditing tools, all in one place

Audit Assistant is a powerful, cloud-based tool built by auditors, for auditors. With real-time access for client interaction, up to the minute standards, and an integrated support and knowledge hub, Audit Assistant is your go-to for reducing the admin involved in compliance and auditing work. From AML auditing through to financial auditing and tools for accountants, Audit Assistant can do it all. Whether your clients are small, medium or large organisations, Audit Assistant has the plan and the tools to simplify your auditing work. Annual data rollover reduces repetition of work year-on-year, secure document management and a range of support options make Audit Assistant the perfect tool for compliance and assurance.

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Tools for financial auditors, AML auditors and accountants

Audit Assistant can be tailored for your practice type, with functions designed especially for auditors, anti money laundering (AML) compliance and accountants. Our secure platform, support resources and audit checks ensure your firm is operating at peak performance with maximum up-time through reducing admin tasks. Greater auditing and compliance efficiency paired with improved client communication reduce stress and allow you to focus on your business.

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Auditing Plans

Audit Assistant’s auditing plans give you the tools you need to make your assurance and compliance work easier for you and your clients.

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Accounting Plans

Use Audit Assistant’s accounting plans to simplify your client interaction, annual compilation work and financial statement preparation.

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