14 December 2020

Audit Assistant is more than a tool for financial auditors, it is a powerful platform for all kinds of other assurance, review, compliance, and other applications.

Our reseller account provides the following advantages:

  • Develop a professional-grade cloud-based product with basic skills using our platform
  • Leverage your product on our reputation of delivering our professional cloud services for over ten years
  • Signup and customer management and reports are integrated
  • Use our turnkey system or have our developers add custom features
  • Fully professional hosted and maintained database and backup service
  • Friendly personal help to get you up and running
  • What could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build from scratch is available to you on a PaaS (Platform as a Service) basis for a monthly subscription
  • Limiting partners offering similar products so our resellers are not competing with each other
  • Help with marketing via our existing networks.

Case study: Aro Assistant

The partners in Aro Assistant come from a small business consulting background. They had previously launched a product to assist small accounting and bookkeeping firms to meet their AML/CFT obligations.

They approached us about helping them build some other tools for bookkeepers and accountants to meet some basic compliance requirements (e.g. tax of sale of property, privacy act 2020, trust compliance review) in a systematic way, to ensure that the work was professional, timely, consistent, and efficient, using our online tools and reports.

Aro staff built the products with minimal instruction, and some help with integrations into their payment and signup system.

See more on the Aro Assistant website.

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