Audit of NZ charities


Charities and other Public Benefit Entities represent a huge market for auditors. The challenge is to do these in a way that is appropriate for the size to keep costs realistic.

We think Audit Assistant meets this challenge by comprehensively addressing the auditing standards yet keeping the scale appropriate for the type of entity. 

Including comprehensive references to auditing standards, plus checklists for financial reporting in terms of NZ PBE for Tier 1 and 2 jobs (contains copyright material of the IFRS® Foundation in respect of which all rights are reserved), plus for Tier 3 and 4 jobs contains checklists for requirements of these reporting regimes. Also includes content for auditing statements of service performance.

As with all our audit packages, we include full risk assessment capability, ability to load the client trial balance, to create audit adjustments, produce engagement letters, audit reports, management letters, including full review process, checklists for clients to complete online and much more.

For groups there is the ability to create sub-jobs for subsidiaries, plus where interim work is done, a sub-job may be made for the interim work (2019 release).

Audit reports have been prepared for us NZ auditing legend Bill Heritage.

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