Financial Reporting Checklists


Our IFRS and PBE financial reporting standards package includes the black letter requirements of the standards, disclosure requirements and other relevant points with cross referencing by hyper link to the actual standards if further clarification is needed.

Where Tier 2 concessions are available these are clearly marked. Or choose the specific RDR versions which exclude all the items not required for Tier 2 jobs. Most standards are included to cover all commonly encountered situations.

In addition we have checklists for the requirements of SPFR for FPEs, Tier 3 PBE and Tier 4 PBE. 

We use yes/no and multi-choice options to open or close sections to avoid unnecessary use of “n/a”. The checklists may be printed when complete or saved in PDF format to your files. Annual rollover means that prior year responses are shown in the new year.


These checklists are already available within the applicable audit and review templates but may be purchased in stand-alone format for accounts preparation purposes.

To check out the tool in action and to get a full idea of features and content watch a four minute video here.

See signup page for details to sign up, or existing clients may add to their current package. Contact us for more information or for a demonstration.


  • These checklists contain copyright material of the IFRS® Foundation and the XRB in respect of which all rights are reserved.
  • We have left out the requirements of certain reporting standards with restricted application, or which are being superseded.


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