Custom packages and add-ons


So you love what Audit Assistant can do and have an idea for something a bit different?

  • Do you want to have a custom version for your firm or group including some of your own “secret sauce”?
  • Do you need custom add-ons to our existing platform to send or receive data from your other applications?
  • Do you have an idea for something in your area of industry expertise that needs a very similar approach but don’t want the expense of making the software yourself?

Our expertise is mostly in the audit and accounting industries, but our platform has application for all manner of parallel type industries and uses. We can take content developed by specialists from other professions and work with you to make something special. We can for instance:

  • Work with you to build something for your industry - either you get us to add the content or we teach you how to add and maintain your content and just paying us for hosting and maintaining the platform.
  • Update the content to your bespoke requirements to share across your group of firms or branches.
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