Management Representation Letter updates

General Updates

During a recent review of ISA(NZ)501 we noted that paragraph NZ12.1 now requires the auditor to "request those charged with governance to provide written representations that all known actual or possible litigation and claims whose effects should be considered when preparing the financial statements have been disclosed to the auditor and accounted for and disclosed in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework". We have added a point to this effect to all the Representation Letters. 

In the SPFR letter it says "in accordance with the adopted special purpose financial reporting framework" rather than "in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework."

Updates to SPFR Templates


A user pointed out to us that the SPFR templates were incorrectly using generic Management Representation letters that referred to IFRS. 

We have updated this now. We have created a specific Representation Letter for Special Purpose reporting now. To access users will need to delete the existing one and recreate to get the correct one to appear.

We have left a yellow area where the specific description of the Special Purpose framework may be added, which may be specific or refer to some note or prior correspondence say. 

There was also an issue where there was nowhere within the SPFR templates to chose to select whether there was a cash flow to be referred to in the Representation Letter or not. We have now added that option. 


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