Side Bar Tools

The Side Bar provides a list of information relevant to all pages of the audit (users assigned to job, materiality, risk assessment summary, key contact details, target completion, and PDF’s of prior year work files rolled over).


In addition the Summary has tabs links to shared pages, list of attachments, follow ups, review notes, contacts, list of unconcluded items as follows:

  1. Follow ups gives access to all follow-up notes added by all users and allows users to add comments and mark as complete
  2. Review notes gives access to all review notes added by reviewer and allows user to add comments and for reviewers and mark as complete
  3. Workpapers shared when clicked on shows pages shared with third parties (see Sharing Pages with Clients)
  4. Attachments when clicked on gives a list of all external files added into the workbook for this client
  5. Concluded shows total pages in workbook and how many of these have been concluded as a progress bar - when clicked on lists unconcluded pages and filters to specific incomplete work items as job end approaches
  6. Deadlines shows next deadline due and when clicked on opens up list of all deadlines created - they are completed by clicking on box next to specific deadline to  show that they have been completed - also shows latest deadline on client selection page
  7. Workpapers reviewed shows a progress bar of pages reviewed compared to total pages and when clicked on shows the names of the pages completed but not yet reviewed
  8. Contacts when clicked shows all client contacts created - these are used throughout the workbook to complete questions, for sharing pages, and also used for reports and letters

    See Adding Comments
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