Adding deadlines

Deadlines are set at the planning stage to remind the auditor of progress and to provide prompt when a job may be falling behind: 


  • After clicking add deadline from the deadlines page (in the A section) select from drop-down box the appropriate date: AA1.png
  • The deadline description may be edited if required
  • The next deadline now shows in the sidebar: AA1.png
  • Clicking on this sidebar button displays all deadlines and their status: AA1.png
  • As deadlines are met the user ticks these off in page accessed from the sidebar, and the next deadline status updates: AA1.png
  • This status is also displayed on the home page, so a user may be alerted to the next deadline at a glance: 


  • When a deadline has not been met the date colour changes from black to red to indicate a problem: AA1.png
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