Tier 4 PBE Simple Format Reporting Tool

This tool provides the means to create a complete Tier 4 PBE report.

We created audit and review templates for this, but feedback indicated that many clients need help in producing the reports to be audited or reviewed. 

The difficulty with Tier 4 reporting in particular is that it is on a cash basis but required narrative descriptions of resources and commitments and service performance. 

So what we have made is an Audit Assistant style work-book that can be used by your client to enter their data for the Performance Report - Entity Information, Statement of Service Performance, Statement of Receipts and Payments, Statement of Resources and Commitments and Notes to the Performance Report.

Example of Index:

Instead of a normal Trial Balance the user enters in their Receipts and Payments summary for the year, with help to classify into the correct sections for the reports as follows:

This TB data may be entered manually or imported from a spreadsheet. Items in the TB may be grouped using the subtotal tool to show these subtotals in the report rather than the full R & P TB detail. 

There are also pages that ask all the other questions required and these are entered into simple fields and tables for example:

At the end a complete PDF version of Tier 4 compliant reports are produced with a minimum of fuss to be submitted for audit, review, and/or submission to Charities Services. Extract from notes to performance report below:

These jobs are designed to be completed by third parties (say the treasurer of a charity you audit). They should be set from your users tab by the account owner as a "limited user" and then added as a user to the job. You will then need to send them log-in details and their password (which they may update if they wish from the "user' tab). 

Users may also add placeholder into the index for the insertion of an Audit or Review Engagement Report. 

The workflow is that the accountant uses the tool to create the Tier 4 PBE performance report, including the dummy report as a placeholder. Then once the audit of review engagement is complete the auditor or reviewer swaps out the dummy page for the final report in the hard copy version.


A pdf of a full demo job is attached. 

All users can access the new template from the "Other" tab in the side-bar. Cost per job is the same as any other regular audit or review job and the same annual rollover works as for other job types.


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