What is Audit Assistant?

  1. An online Audit, Compliance, Compilation and Review Engagement documentation system
  2. Based on International Auditing Standards, plus Review, Compliance and Compilation Standards (references NZ versions within NZ and International versions elsewhere)
  3. Includes letters and documents appropriate to job (engagement letters, confirmations, management letters, audit reports etc)
  4. Allows multiple users/ access to multiple jobs and multi site access in real time including peer-review
  5. Online sharing of pages with clients and other third parties for gathering information and audit evidence
  6. Import of client Trial Balance and Transactions data for testing
  7. Paperless option – all documents may be uploaded/attached - or may be printed if required
  8. Export of completed job to PDF for archiving
  9. Rollover feature to minimise repetition in future periods
  10. User customisability if required (additional training available)
  11. Secure access via SSL/TLS protocols and full secure backup provision for workbooks and attachments
  12. A platform for a wide diversity of compliance, review, assurance, inspection, interactive documentation processes
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