Key features

  • Workflow is based closely on International Auditing, Review, AUP and Compliance Standards (NZ, Australian and International versions).
  • Automatically generated letters and documents appropriate to job (engagement letters, confirmations, management letters, audit reports etc) are included.
  • Multiple users may work on jobs simultaneously.
  • Multi site access in real time including peer-review function.
  • Pages may be shared online with clients and other third parties for information gathering.
  • Trial Balance import from common software.
  • Transactions data import for substantive testing.
  • Paperless option – attachments may be uploaded/attached.
  • Export of completed job to PDF for archiving.
  • Annual rollover minimises need for repetition in future periods.
  • User customisability if required.
  • Secure access via SSL/TLS protocols .
  • Full secure backup provision for workbooks and attachments.
  • Additionally may be used to provide a platform for a wide diversity of compliance, review, assurance, inspection, interactive documentation processes
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