Partnership with Thomson Reuters - Discount for AA users

We have had a long partnership with Thomson Reuters in providing online versions of there Financial Reporting Templates within Audit Assistant, however now with the advent of their own online versions within the their Checkpoint package the need for replicating these within Audit Assistant has gone*.

XYZ Model Financial Statements - Disclosure Checklists on Checkpoint are a comprehensive collection of Microsoft Word templates to assist compliance with the disclosure required under NZ FRS and the NZ equivalents to IFRS. They are updated annually. The Disclosure Checklists contain two extensive sets: set one outlines disclosures required under NZ IFRS; and set two outlines disclosures required under NZ GAAP for accounting periods ending on or after 31 December 2002.

Thomson Reuters is offering Audit Assistant customers a 10% discount on XYZ Model Financial Statements - Disclosure Checklists on Checkpoint. Use the promotion code “AATR” when you make an enquiry.

*For existing users we will no longer be updating the Thomson Reuters checklists within Audit Assistant, and no longer offering them as a separate product. Firms using the existing Checklists may keep doing so in the meantime but please be aware that they may not be up to date in some cases. We have stopped charging user firms for their use, and will eventually phase them out. We do provide full checklists within our Tier 3 and 4 PBE packages and hope to do similar for Tier 3 and 4 FPE's but leave the larger entity checklists to Thomson Reuters.

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