Upgrade to annual roll over process

This evening (Wed 13 July) we will be updating the rollover process so to avoid the system overload issue that has been experienced from time to time when multiple rollovers are happening simultaneously. The system will now queue rollovers to ensure adequate system resources are available. 

From a users perspective a job ready for rollover will continue to display a notice in the side-bar like this:

Clicking the button will display a confirmation dialog box:

Clicking continue will start the process, at which point the following will be displayed in the top right hand corner:

And in the sidebar this will be displayed:

The "client locked" will continue to display while the job is being rolled or is in the queue to be rolled. You may continue with other jobs while this process is happening. Normally it will be very quick but if you experience a little delay this is just because there is a queue. 

We have tested this as best we can in our staging environment but unforeseen issues can arise under full working load. If you do encounter any issues with rollovers going forward please let us know. 


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