New Sample Selection Tools

NOTE: At this stage we haven't yet added this feature to every sampling page, just to H2 by way of a beta test. Please let us know if this works for you, or whether there is a better way to do this. Thanks.

Up until now our substantive testing sample creation has simply consisted of a question asking for sample size and rationale for this decision. Many users have asked us to provide the option of a more robust sampling methodology. This is being done as follows:

  1. On a sample creation page (H2 in example below) there is now a multi-choice option:
  2. Choosing the first option opens the testing tool steps. The second option allows you to bypass the tool and attach your own methodology if you wish. The first option opens the following area:
  3. The Assertions question is a "respawner" -in other words may have multiple responses. Once the steps are complete your page may look like this:
  4. At point 1.2 appropriate tests are selected that address the assertions and any specific requirements, then at 1.3 a summary is displayed of the sampling parameters. Net Population removes any specific items already covered elsewhere say as entered ($50,000 in example above), Sampling Interval is the Confidence Level applied to the Performance Materiality. Sample Size is the Sampling Interval applied to the Net Population, using the population units specified above. The Random Starting Point is a number between zero and the sampling interval, to ensure that the sample cannot be unduly influenced by the auditor. 
  5. Now when the testing table is accessed the sample details are shown at the head of the page:
  6. At this stage we haven't added the functionality to upload the population and actually create the sample however this is something we will come back to in future. 
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