Management report points

Management report points they may be created at any work item (any question or task on a work paper) and also from any account line within a table of trial balance data anywhere in the workbook:

  • To create a point click drop down dialog at right end of all work items and trial balance lines and select management pointAA1.png
  • This adds a point on the management report page (in the Y section) – page also accessed from the points tab:


  • Add comment on management report page to indicate how points have been/are to be resolved: 


  • Then choose which points to include in the final management letter document, either by copying and pasting or rewording into appropriate language including reference to discussions concerning the points raised
  • Where management letter document has yellow spaces to type or paste specific points to be included
  • Other text in management letter document may also be edited – refer to documents and letters
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