Trial balance sorting and sub-totals

Once imported the raw trial balance data should be in the correct section (if section column or section names used on input – see trial balance import) – if not it will need to be sorted as follows:

  • May drag and drop lines to change section or sequence from drag handle that appears to the right when hovering over a line (only one line at a time)
  • May also change the section by using edit option from dropdown that appears to right while hovering over line
  • May drag headings from the bottom into position if required from drag handle that appears on heading when hovering over it
  • Lines may be manually added, edited or deleted from drop-down box that appears to the right when hovering over a line: AA1.png

Once sorted the trial balance data may be subtotalled (e.g. total - GST below): 


  • Used to combine figures to match the trial balance amounts to the draft financial statements or for totalling divisions or classes of accounts
  • May create subtotals as required from add total option in drop-down that appears when hovering over an account line
  • Individual accounts or subtotals may be flagged (click star to right of line item) as risks for further analysis (see risk identification and analysis)
  • Subtotals may be moved by dragging and dropping into different places from drag handle that appears whole hovering over them - total will update
  • Subtotals calculate on lines above them up to section heading or to another sub-total - only one level of totals may be created
  • Subtotals created in one year are maintained for future years after roll-over and may be further edited or deleted as required
  • Once the required section lead schedules are created from A1 evidential testing area subtotals are automatically transferred onto these (with line data) from trial balance page
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