Trial Balance Sorting and Sub-totals

Lines may be manually added, edited or deleted from drop-down box that appears to the right when hovering over a line.

May also create subheadings as required from drop-down (to agree TB to Financial Statements say - these are retained for future years) - by selecting Add Total from options in drop-down box.

These totals may be moved by dragging and dropping into different places from drag handle that appears whole hovering over them - total will update.

Totals calculate on lines above them up to section heading or to another sub-total - only one level of totals may be created.

May drag and drop lines to change section or sequence from drag handle that appears to the right when hovering over a line.

May drag headings from the bottom into position if required from drag handle that appears on heading when hovering over it.

Lead schedules are created one-by-one from A1 Evidential Testing areas - data is automatically transferred onto these from Trial Balance page.

Section totals show on lead schedules.

Items may be flagged as risks by clicking on star icon to right of each line - this sends these items to Strategy and Plan page for Risk Analysis - individual lines and/or totals may be flagged (see Risk Analysis).

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