Trial Balance Import

Trial balance data may be entered manually line-by-line however it is much faster to upload directly from a file provided by the client.

Get TB data from client in Excel (or CSV) – e.g. MYOB AO print trial balance – to Excel file - for example:

Add a Section column and add references to appropriate Audit Assistant section code (e.g. “G” for income).

If using Section column anything uncoded will not be imported – so may just ignore headings, subtotals or irrelevant accounts - or just delete these extra lines.

Alternatively to using Section column put sub-headings in TB corresponding exactly to TB section names - must be exact e.g. “Payroll” for the I section (“Wages” will not be recognised).

From Xero just print to TB and import as is.

Other software send to Excel/CSV and check and/or amend headings – code, name (or account), current (or may have two columns called “debit” and “credit”), prior, budget.


May import without budget and/or prior year and account codes may be omitted if not required.

In second year don’t import prior column as already there  - delete the whole column including heading - items with identical account codes and names will automatically match - new items will be be listed at top of TB for sorting.

If no suitable Excel/CSV Trial Balance is available from client use our downloadable template and type into manually or copy and paste from say Word document - select Download import template file from import TB dialog box - save file in accessible spot:


Go to import dialog on Trial Balance page and browse to file using choose file - import.

Note that most common problem with importing is incorrect headings - double check if not working - they must be on the same line and use wording as described.

If unable to get a file to import send through to support desk and we will let you know how to fix the file.

Table at top of TB page should populate immediately - if not there is a problem with your file - check headings and try again.

Data may be cleared and re-imported if required – but for most changes a second import over the top will just update the differences and leave any sorting and subtotalling already done intact.

If a mistake is made in second year rather than deleting it may be better to restore a duplicate from backup as clearing the page will remove all sorting and sub-totalling done in prior year – see Duplicate and Restore function.

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