Adding Follow Ups

Follow-ups are a built-in alternative to keeping a sheet of paper next to your work; a quick way to create a bookmark of something you wish to come back to later. They do not form part of the final audit file, but are tools to ensure easy access to tagged unfinished items.

  1. Entered from Follow Up tab accessed from drop-down on right of work items 
  2. All Follow Ups are listed under follow up box in the side-bar 
  3. Other people may complete - the box changes colour when someone else comments to indicate a response 

  4. Follow ups show greyed-out once ticked as completed - they disappear altogether once page concluded so ensure all detail addressing the issue is entered on page (not in the follow up itself)
  5. Page cannot be completed until follow ups cleared unless created on Conclusion box
  6. Follow ups may be created post-conclusion if necessary - so that the job may continue (for non-essential items say)



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