Using the Control Page (A1)

The control page provides a complete summary of the whole process, branching into subpages via links to the more detailed parts of the client workbook:

  • The page forms a branching point for all the sections, and once these sections are completed the conclusions from those pages automatically update the control page
  • Guides users through planning, testing and finalisation processes
  • Each item asks users to answer multi-choice questions, yes/no options, create sub-pages for further work
  • May select drop-down at lower right for other options (journals, comments, review notes, follow-ups, management report points, etc.)
  • Incomplete work items have red arrowhead warning at right - all items must be addressed before conclusion of page is possible: AA1.png
  • When a sub-page is created work-items become the aim on the top of the sub-page
  • Completed conclusions from sub-pages are sent back to parent page and item on parent page reads as completed (green tick)
  • Review notes / follow ups created on a page must generally be cleared prior to page conclusion (see more under review notes)
  • Brought forward items from prior year (indicated by green arrow pointing down) may be adopted by clicking the green bring-forward arrow then edited as required
  • Brought forward items from prior year that have not been adopted disappear on conclusion as do completed follow- ups and review notes (can still see history of reviews and follow-ups in sidebar)
  • Selecting conclude page tags the page as concluded and updates the index with a green tick (see conclusions)
  • A review stamp is then available at the bottom of each page - adds reviewers name and red tick in index (see review notes)


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