Using the Control Page (A1)

The Control Page is the firm page that opens when opening job for the first time. It provides links through to the rest of the client workbook. In theory a small job could be completed by just adding comments and attachments to the Control Page, as all the important steps are listed there. The page forms a branching point for all the sections, and once these sections are completed the conclusions from those pages automatically update the Control Page.

  1. Guides users through planning, testing and finalisation processes
  2. Each item asks users to answer multi-choice questions, yes/no options, create sub-pages for further work
  3. May select drop-down at lower right for other options (journals, comments, review notes, follow-ups, management letter points etc)
  4. Incomplete work items have red arrowhead warning at right - all items must be addressed before conclusion of page is possible
  5. When a sub-page is created work-items become the aim on the top of the sub-page
  6. Completed Conclusions from sub-pages are sent back to parent page and item on parent page reads as completed (green tick)
  7. Default Conclusions are provided - these may be edited or added to as required
  8. To create a paragraph break in the conclusion text or other text box use “ctrl+shift”
  9. Review notes / Follow ups created on a page must generally be cleared prior to page conclusion (see more under review notes)
  10. Brought forward items from prior year (indicated by green arrow pointing down) may be adopted by clicking arrow then edited as required
  11. Brought forward items from prior year that have not been adopted disappear on conclusion as do completed follow ups and review notes (can still see history of reviews and follow-ups in side-bar)
  12. Selecting Conclude Page tags the page as concluded and updates the index with a green tick
  13. Conclusions carries back to parent page and the item is automatically ticked
  14. Once concluded the page shows a green bar in the index - incomplete is a red arrowhead
  15. Review stamp is then available at the bottom of each page (adds reviewers name and red tick in index)
  16. Drop-down on conclusion allows for un-concluding, editing of conclusion, review note, comment or follow up to be added to Conclusion
  17. Once re-concluded it will be tagged with name of person re-concluding and date of re-conclusion
  18. The history of concluding, reviewing and unconcluding is preserved by way of comment to ensure that the file reflects the sequence of work done (for example where a planning page has been concluded and reviewed but later unconcluded to update audit plan this will be shown in the history)

See Index Page and Navigation

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