Assigning users to a job

The account owner must first have added users at a global level (see users):

  • When a new job is created the user creating it is automatically assigned to the job as the first user - they may then allow other users access from the sidebar
  • From the sidebar under users click edit and check those staff members who are be assigned to the job (must already be set up as users)
  • Assigned users may then carry out work on the jobs (prior to being assigned they are read-only for standard users, partners and managers and not visible to limited users and peer-reviewers):

  AA1.png  AA2.png

  • The list may be edited at any stage by partner or manager
  • Audit templates require all users assigned to a job to confirm their independence on the independence checklist page
  • Users may then be selected when questions request a contact name to be inserted (say for person who will be signing off letters - to include in official communications):


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