Duplicate and Restore Function

Jobs may be duplicated for the purpose of reusing parts in a new job - say for a branch or very similar job where say the planning will be the same. The same function is used for restoring jobs back to previous points in cases where say pages have been mistakenly deleted or a wrong trial balance has been imported, or even where a roll-over has been performed prematurely.

  1. Duplicate/Restore is accessed from bottom icon at right end of client box
  2. It may be used in cases where a series of similar jobs exist (say a series of branches) by setting up one job including say file structure and planning then duplicating
  3. May duplicate trial balance, comments, attachments, prior years, revision history etc. by selecting or deselecting Choose Content options (revision history includes the prior snapshots of that job)
  4. May rename the job as the duplicate is created or edit the client name later
  5. Duplicate also contains options for recovery (say in case of accidental page deletion etc) to a prior point for rolling back  (revision history)
  6. Allows for roll-back or recovery of previous version (snapshots are kept going back 12 months)
  7. Snapshots are created daily when work has been changed, plus prior to deletion of pages with content present, and prior to data import and rollover
  8. To roll back duplicate all content, select what version you wish to use and create
  9. Once you are confident that the version you have is correct you may delete the original job
  10. Or you may wish to copy data out of the prior version into the later version then delete the original


See Assigning Users to Job



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