Client Creation and Deletion

Client jobs are created once then each year they are rolled over, maintaining the previously entered relevant data and creating a PDF of the completed year. These prior year files are accessible from the client side-bar but we also suggest you download a copy as your permanent record. Depending on what package you have signed up for you will see the list of types of jobs in the side-bar on the welcome page. Sub-types of jobs may then be selected.

  1. After log-in the page you will be taken to the welcome page (above)
  2. Under Create a New Job… select the style of job you require
  3. Optionally select a tab in the side-bar for the style of job you wish to open or create (Compilation Engagements, Compliance Audits, Review Engagements etc) and select + New Client button
  4. Enter client name
  5. From Choose Job Type area select specific template from options using descriptions to help chose 
  6. Enter year end date then press Create Client at the bottom of the dialog box
  7. A job may also be created by duplicating another job (see Duplicate and Restore Function)
  8. All details may be edited later from the drop-down next to the client name on the client selection page
  9. All open jobs are charged for so if a client has left your firm we suggest you delete the old job from the step at the bottom right of the edit window - make sure you have made a PDF backup copied before deleting if this is a job you need to keep for legal retention purposes
  10. If a deleted job is required to be reinstated from backups we can do this for a nominal amount



See Selecting Existing Clients

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