Why use this technology?


Auditing traditionally was carried out using paper handwritten files. Then with the advent of the Personal Computer auditing began to use the efficiency gains available by word processor and spreadsheet programs.



Audit Assistant combines concepts from all these plus harnessing the power real-time on-line processing via the internet. The following trends are driving the move towards this technology:

  1. Trend for firms towards multi-site and flex-working to utilise resources to the fullest
  2. Issues of security and disaster recovery - our offshore backup storage (Amazon S3) is ISO 27001 certified (the international security management standard)
  3. Move to paperless office environments
  4. Requirement for peer review/ quality control - often from another city
  5. Developments in Web/Cloud technology that now allow web-based applications to run as well or better than desktop software solutions
  6. The potential of running a professional practice without expensive internal networks
  7. Trend to Software as a Service (SaaS) over ownership as a more predictable and economical cost model
  8. Software that is continually updated and serviced rather than requiring major re-writes
  9. Struggle for smaller firms to stay competitive with greater demands and fee pressure - helping smaller niche firms to achieve high quality audits for a reasonable cost
  10. Higher risk environment for auditors required a more standardised rigorous approach
  11. ISA’s require a much higher level of documentation - best provided in an online, paperless, on-demand manner

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