Financial Reporting Regime Tool

With the new NZ multi-tier reporting regimes many accountants are facing the complex issue of just what applies and when. 

To assist we have built a tool that may be used to either test that your client has chosen a suitable reporting regime or it may equally well be used to help you choose the appropriate standards to adopt for your compilation work.

The tool is effectively a new job type that is set up and used independently of your audit, review or compilation job. The idea is that you complete the selection process first before your select your audit template to ensure you are using the appropriate version. The regime selection tool produces a report that may then be attached as PDF into the audit, review or compilation file to show how the reasoning behind the regime selection.

How to activate:

 In your "account and billing" tab there is a link to change your "active packages". 


Click "change" and select the new option.


This activates access - the basic cost of the template is just $5 plus GST per month, which gives up to 10 jobs, additional jobs are 50c/month. In practice once the report has been completed you may delete the client if you wish.

How to use:

Once activated you can create a Regime Selector job from the Financial Reporting Templates tab in the side-bar.


Create the job as per a normal template.



The job has only 3 pages - the A1 Control page is where the decision is made whether the entity is Public Benefit or For Profit, and also where the final report is printed. A2 is the decision process for Public Benefit Entities (PBE) and A3 is about For Profit Entities (FPE). 

The pages follow the logic of  XRB- A1. 

At the point that no further questions are necessary the page allows the user to skip to the next section or to the end, automatically adding n/a to questions that are no longer necessary.  For example: 


An example of the final report (which may be printed to PDF and attached to audit file):


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