In-house training


We find that the most effective way of training users is in a small group within a single firm.

In this setting people can speak freely about their audit work and their particular approach, and the training focus can then be around the type of work and audit approach of that firm. It also enables maximum participation and interaction; more of a work-shop than a lecture.

We come to your office with this training and the cost is standardised for the whole of New Zealand. For overseas training there will be additional travel costs but we will do our best to share this between firms where possible.

Topics covered include:

  • The concept of web-based software
  • Setting up staff
  • Client creation and using different templates
  • The structure of the workbook
  • Specific commands and navigation
  • Cross referencing
  • Page Conclusion and Review 
  • Importing trial balance data
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mapping trial balance data, sub-headings and lead-schedule creation
  • Sharing pages with third parties
  • Analytical Review
  • Transactions importing and testing
  • Printing options
  • Finalisation and Roll-over
  • Bringing forward items in subsequent years
  • Items in the side-bar
  • Subscription issues
  • Finding help
  • And more

Training sessions last for two-hours with a short break in the middle. These sessions are suitable for those who have never used Audit Assistant through to those with experience but who wish to use all the features in the most efficient way.

Sessions may also be customised for specific training needs, such as how to create custom work-papers. Extended sessions may be adapted for those involved in specific technical areas.


The trainer is Clive McKegg BCom CA, director of Audit Assistant Ltd, who has 25 years experience in CA and Audit firms and considerable training experience. Clive approaches the training as an auditor rather than as a computer 'geek'. Notes and a bound copy of the current User Handbook is provided with Audit Assistant running live on a big screen. The training room needs to have a wall to project onto or large TV screen and internet access.

If you would like to book a training session please email Clive. There may be a lead-time of a month or two (especially for the South Island) so that we can coordinate a series of training events if possible.

Cost of training is $495 (two hour session) plus GST.

*For very small firms or sole practitioners we can combine firms in training to share costs if required. Plus we also do our annual user regional group meet-up and basic training session. 


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