Audit Assistant is all about helping users to powerfully collaborate with each other, with their clients, with third parties and with us using real-time cloud-based technology.

  • Reviewers, staff and third parties may all work together seamlessly without any installation or network configuration
  • Work may be completed and reviewed online, including from Tablet and Smart-phone
  • Pages may be shared with clients/third parties for upload of documents and real-time interaction
  • Interactive risk assessment, key issues, follow-up points, review notes and management letter points
  • One-click Conclusions close page and limit job completion until work completed
  • One-click stamps page as reviewed
  • Rollover function allows one-click adoption of prior work items and attachments into the new period
  • Content may be customised to specific requirements
  • Attachments including scans, documents, spreadsheets, photographs and PDFs may be added
  • Full TLS encryption of data transfer
  • Hosted by Sitehost (Auckland, NZ) with off-site backup with Amazon S3 (Australia)
  • Snapshot recovery system allows rollback and job duplication to any earlier date
  • Online fast support and feedback so that our development is in tune with what users need
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