Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS means the software is maintained by us on a server and accessed by users over the internet.

  • All modern browsers will run Audit Assistant therefore computer type, operating system or network type is not an issue
  • Security on a SaaS model is as high or higher than a normal office-based network or PC/Laptop  - our hosting, backups and security are handled by a professional data centre (Sitehost in Auckland)
  • We also back up our database and all client attachments to the NZ -based file storage service Cloudscale
  • We have an automated 'snapshot' system enabling users to revert to prior versions of the job in case of accidental data deletion
  • We use industry standard encryption and SSL/TLS data transfer protection
  • Potentially a firm may run a full audit/assurance function without an internal network as our platform provides this network via the internet



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