The vision for Audit Assistant came from a time when director Clive McKegg was carrying out contract audit work - looking for a way to automate and streamline audit work-papers using software tools - the prototype for Audit Assistant was born. 

When is became apparent that other auditors could benefit from this, he began to form this into something potentially marketable.

  • In 1999 we developed the first commercial version, answering a need for auditors in NZ to produce efficient work-papers that are compliant with the NZ Codified Auditing Standards.
  • This was marketed and supported by Solution 6
  • With the demise of Solution 6, we took back full control in 2003 and updated the product to a new version adding many further features and eventually a Microsoft .NET ‘front end’ - continuing to use Excel for the actual work-papers but with additional functionality.
  • With the advances in online software technology and the adoption in NZ of the International Auditing Standards we developed the new product incorporating the features of the existing version into a much more powerful and flexible platform - this cloud-based version which was launched in March 2009.
  • We have developed additional features and content, moving with the changing world.
  • We now offer more than just services to auditors, but also include specialist systems for AML auditors, chartered accountants using our platform to collect client data, plus services such as specialist custom development based on our platform, training and file review services.


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