• Work-books are configured so that work flows through the requirements of the Standards in a logical, intuitive manner
  • Content is entirely flexible depending on the scale and complexity of the job
  • Users may create their own templates or customise existing templates (training is provided on request)
  • Or we have "developer packages" available to create custom content based on the platform (which is being constantly improved as we adapt to new types of work)
  • New content and/or features is added without the need to reinstall or update the software in any way
  • We are also continually adding new content based on feedback from users and submitted ideas
  • We encourage user input and see Audit Assistant as a collaborative project, where we supply the platform and basic content but users are encouraged to participate

Job Types

  • Historical Financial Audit - Base Version suitable for SME audits (international application)
  • GPFS - incorporating Base Version plus group work and Brookers General Purpose Financial Disclosures Template
  • IFRS - incorporating Base Version plus group work and Brookers IFRS Financial Disclosures Template
  • School audits - incorporating Base Version (for firms contracted with the Office of the NZ Auditor General)
  • Brookers IFRS, RDR and General Purpose Financial Disclosures Template checklists as stand-alone products
  • Review Engagements in terms of RG-1 and RS-1 (currently being upgraded to new platform and standards)
  • Compilation Engagements in terms of SES-2 (soon to be upgraded to new platform and released as its own product)
  • Compliance Assurance engagements in terms of SEA 3100 including Real Estate Trust Account and PTE Trust Account audits (upgrade also in process)
  • Insolvency (Liquidations) soon to be released as new product
  • Regime-selector tool for new multi-tier accounting standards regime
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