Based on International Standards

New Zealand is the first country in the world to adopt a full suite of International Auditing Standards. This means that Audit Assistant fits very well into an International context.

  • Audit Assistant is based around the International Auditing Standards (ISA (NZ)),
  • Work-books utilising Review Engagement Standards (RS-1 & RG-1), Assurance Standards (SAE 3100) and Compilation Standards (SES) are available - work is progressing on updating these are new standards become applicable
  • Content is updated by Audit Assistant on user feedback or as new standards are released
  • We have also utilised the expertise of Thomson Reuters by incorporating their Financial Disclosures Templates as an optional extra
  • Work-papers are linked to online copies of Standards
  • Checklists are are cross-referenced to the standards with on-line links via the NZ External Reporting Board (XRB) website


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