Trial Balance Import and Sorting

With Audit Assistant a client Trial Balance is able to be imported from most software via Excel or CSV import

Client Trial Balance Import

  • First the client trial balance data is saved as an Excel or CSV file
  • The file is then imported into Audit Assistant, or manually entered and edited as required
  • Items may be pre-mapped to the corresponding sections in the audit file (Income, Expenditure etc)
  • This Import may include account codes and budgets
  • Data are then available for building up to Draft Financial Statements, generating Lead Schedules, creating Journal Adjustments or creating Analytical Review work-paper

Sorting Data/ subtotals

  • Data may be further sorted by dragging and dropping headings into the trial balance or dragging and dropping individual accounts into the relevant section
  • The relevant section of the Trial Balance appears on the Lead Schedule
  • Sub-totals may be entered at any point in the Trial Balance to match the Draft Financial Statements or for analytical purposes
  • Items may be dragged and dropped between sub-totaled areas and subtotals re-calculate automatically - ideal for checking build-up of financial statements


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