Adding Attachments

PDF, Excel, Word, scans, photos, audio etc. may be attached to achieve fully paperless files if desired.

Display name may be different from name of file - if left blank will default to file name.

Click "Add" and file is uploaded - it will then be accessed from hyperlink created:

Uploaded files do not print in the final PDF but they are attached into the PDF and may be downloaded as their original format (Excel etc).

Referencing is automatic -based on the page and work-item number.

Selecting "Hard-copy document" creates an index placeholder where uploading is not required - used in the case of hard-copy printed files.

Attachment may optionally be added by drag and drop onto work item from file manager.

To create links to attachments in other parts of the workbook open both original page and target page and drag and drop attachments within file - this creates a duplicate path to the file (say files uploaded by client in "Items Required for Audit" page that are needed elsewhere in the file).

All attachments may be viewed from Attachments link in side-bar.

To delete an attachment, click edit icon next to attachment download, and click "Delete" icon at bottom right.

To change a file, download by clicking link, make changes then use "Replace File" button to re-attach, replacing previous version.

The name of the attachment may also be amended from this dialog box.

Cross-references may be made to attachments from comments by editing the comment and selecting the attachment name from the drop-down list.


The completed cross reference to the attachment:

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