Review notes

Creating a review note is very much like creating a follow up, but in this case a reviewer creates them:


  • The reviewer is a user (manager, partner or peer reviewer) who is assigned to the job and logged in - but another staff member (standard or limited user) may reply
  • Reviewing may take place concurrently with work being performed as it is done online and from any location where there is internet access – any number of users may be concurrently working on a job in real time
  • May be added to any line item before a page is concluded and may be added to conclusion on pages already concluded
  • Once addressed they may be ticked as completed – this changes note to crossed out and greyed out
  • Once page is concluded review notes within the body of the page disappear so ensure all detail addressing the issue is entered on page - review notes do not form part of the final audit file
  • Page cannot be concluded until reviews in body of page are cleared
  • May be created post-conclusion if necessary - so that the job may continue (non-essential items such as training-related instructions)
  • Review notes are listed in the side bar which also displays how many review notes are incomplete: AA1.png

For a concluded page use review stamp (AA1.png) to enter reviewed by (click on red tick) - also appears in index:




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