Adding Review Notes

Review Notes may only added by partner, manager or peer reviewer - but staff member may reply.

Like a Follow Up in other respects but under its own tab. 

Also use review stamp to enter "Reviewed by" (click on red tick) - also appears in index.

Tick when completed - changes view to crossed out.

Shows greyed out once ticked as completed - they disappear from concluded pages so ensure all detail addressing the issue is entered on page (not in the follow up itself).

Page cannot be completed until cleared.

May also be created post-conclusion if necessary - so that the job may continue (non-essential items).

Review notes are listed in the side bar which also displays how many review notes are incomplete:

Key Issues identified may be used by Partner or Manager to tag issues that they want to bring to the attention of staff - they remain in the file and will also automatically be flagged as risks to be addressed, but this may be removed if desired.

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