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Just like a paper file, there is an Index Page at the front of the Audit Assistant file that shows what pages have been used in the file, including attachments and generated documents and letters. In addition the status of those pages is shown - incomplete, concluded and reviewed. There is also an option to show all pages that are available in the whole template including those that have not yet been used.

  1. Index page tab shows all open pages
  2. Also shows referenced attachments and documents created
  3. Also shows if page is concluded (green bar)
  4. Also shows reviewed if page has been reviewed (not compulsory to have pages reviewed but all pages must be concluded before roll-over)
  5. Clicking on View All Available Pages at bottom right of Index will allow you to see all pages that you are using plus all the possible pages that are available (unused pages are in blue shading) as below:
  6. Clicking on the link - say Q1 here to open the inventory section - will take you to the parent page where the page may be created from - in this case to the Control Page point 15.6:
  7. You can then follow the path to create the page and section. For example if you clicked on Q3 you would still be taken to A1 point 15.6 but you would need to create Q1, then Q3 - pages cannot be created without creating their pathway via other pages
  8. Top bar allows direct access tabs to Index, Control, Trial Balance, Risks, Points (Management Report), Adjustments (Audit Error Schedule Journals ) and Summary (Audit Summary Information page)
  9. Page back and forward arrows on left and right of screen to move consecutively through file (especially useful for reviewing)
  10. At top left of screen Back To Audit Assistant Home goes back to client view
  11. Tabs in top right allow direct access to pages - hovering over section shows drop-downs of pages available

See Side Bar Tools

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