Creating Journal Entries/ Adjustments

Create journals reflecting errors found from drop-down at bottom right of every work item select Journal Entry tab.

Once the Trial Balance is loaded the journal entry drop-down shows all accounts loaded - select the required account.

If an account is not yet in the Trial Balance go there and insert a line with zero values to which you may post journal adjustments.

Select accounts to be adjusted and amount - may include cents if required.

Unlimited lines may be added to journals.

Check total indicates if in balance (one-sided journals are permitted).

Add narration - or may just have narration and no account amounts (for non-monetary adjustments such as disclosure errors).

Updates a summary page W1 - accessed from Adjustments tab in top bar.

Adjustments default to pending - clicking check box moves to adjusted area.

Once in adjusted area Trial Balance final column is updated and carries through to lead schedules. Adjusted items show green in the TB "final" column.

Also updates final analytical review - but not analytical review in the planning area - this is based on the draft figures imported from client Trial Balance.

Adjustment page may be shared with client for their comments and to show them unadjusted items. 

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