Sharing Pages with Clients

For allowing client or other third party access to complete forms / upload attachments.

May be used on any page in workbook.

Click Share command in bottom right corner of page. Enter client name, email address and message.

Click Add to send the client an email - includes message and a link (“token”) to access that page to add comments and attachments.

Client sees only page shared plus instructions on how to comment and add information - can interact in real time.

Link stays open until you delete the Shared with… message on top of the page.

Client may go to page any number of times while page is still shared using link in email.

List of shared pages appears in side bar.

Client comments are tagged with name and date - client cannot amend after conclusion or once share deleted.

The same page may be shared with multiple people  - they will see others comments.

Click edit on link to see your message and to copy and paste token for client access if there is a problem with their spam filter.

Problems with accessing by third parties commonly result from them using outdated browsers or trying to access via remote desktop.

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