Finalisation and Roll-over

Rollover may be done only when all work is completed may page A1 be signed off – and then only by a partner.

Rollover instructions appear in the sidebar.


Rollover should be done as soon as possible after job is completed - preferably at the same time the A1 page is finalised and the audit report is signed, but must be finalised within 60 days (60 days allows time for tidying up file, completing management letter etc).

A PDF of the entire job is downloaded into the sidebar on rollover - save a copy on your server or some permanent location

Attachments are stitched into PDF file – if printing is required they must be printed out separately - click on the links and they will open in the appropriate program (if installed)

The deadline on the client page then starts to counts down to 60 day deadline to finalise file (or your information only)

Rolled over job includes all comments and attachments as prior year (greyed out)

In new year attachments, comments, risks etc are all able to be bought forward by clicking the green bring-forward arrow.

Trial Balance is moved from current to prior - section classifications and sub-headings are maintained. New year trial balance may now be imported without prior year column (as this is already present).

Names and account codes are matched with existing data and any unmatched items are held at the top for sorting manually. Sub-totals are maintained.

Names and codes must be identical or will be treated as a new account - in which case manual adjustment will be required.

There is no need to use section column in year 2 and subsequent as these will match with data already included.

May code second year using section column – say if a large number of new codes - but must code all items and existing lines will be changed to new sections if different.

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