Sign-up, Billing and Service Levels

Sign-up from the pricing and signup page.

Enter contact details - login name and password - you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice.

The person who signs up will become account owner and will be able to add and remove other users.

Account will be activated on payment.

Payment must be made monthly in advance, for the first month based on the minimum level of 20 jobs and thereafter on the number of jobs being used at invoice date (subject to 20 job base charge).

Preferred method is by direct debit - there is a link to download form from account and billing page - a 3% discount is allowed for direct debit.

May also pay by cheque, credit card or direct credit to account but no discount for these methods.

A warning appears when payment is 28 days overdue, and we reserve the right to suspend service for overdue payments, but will do our best to contact users prior to suspension. 

Invoices are emailed automatically to account owner, or account owner may also set up another user to receive invoices (option in account and billing tab).

Emails also have links to a .csv file containing a full report of current jobs at invoice date, allowing firms to disburse these to the client if required.

Add-in for School Audit content is available for free if firm is contracted to NZ OAG.

Add-in for Brookers/Thomson Reuters Financial Reporting Templates may be included for a small per-job cost if firm is signed up with Thomson Reuters directly for subscription that includes this content. 

Add-in for our Financial Reporting Regime Tool may also be activated as an optional extra.  

Account owner may go to account and billing tab to change add-ins. 

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