Selecting Existing Clients

Once client jobs have been created all work on them is updated in real-time (there is no need to save files). Multiple jobs may be left open concurrently if required, and client jobs may be accessed concurrently by different users in different locations. Once you have closed the job or closed your browser they may then be reaccessed in a variety of different ways.

  1. The Welcome Page (see Client Creation and Deletion) lists the last five active jobs across all styles allowing quick access to these jobs
  2. To access other jobs select the tab in the side-bar for the type of job you wish to access (Compliance Audits, Historical Financial Audits, Review Engagements etc) 
  3. This will default is to Current jobs but you may also select Archived or All then browse to the job you wish to open
  4. The number after the job type in the tab tells you how many current jobs you have in that job type
  5. Selecting Current shows jobs that you are personally assigned to that have been used in the last 30 days
  6. Selecting Archived shows jobs that you are personally assigned to that have not been used in the last 30 days - once an archived job is selected it will automatically become current
  7. Selecting All shows all jobs of that type in the system (unless you are a junior or a peer reviewer in which case you only see jobs that you are assigned to)
  8. Alternatively, use the find clients box at the top of the left side-bar to search all jobs over all job types by name - type name or part name then press enter
  9. Also at bottom right there is a Recently Viewed Clients pop-up that shows the last 10 jobs accessed from your computer - hover over the tab to activate
  10. The grey boxes after the client name indicate the template type of the job (Base Audit, Tier 3 PBE, GPFS etc) - this is also displayed in the side-bar when you open the job
  11. Job names, year end and sub-type may be edited by selecting the pencil icon at the right-hand end of the client selection box - there is also a Delete button at the bottom right of the edit dialog box
  12. The other icon at the right-hand end of the client selection box (green box with down arrow) is used to duplicate a client (see Duplicate and Restore Function)
  13. To open a client, click on the blue Client Name or anywhere in the client selection box
  14. Unused client jobs may be deleted so as to not be charged for them unnecessarily (see Client Creation and Deletion)


 See Duplicate and Restore Function

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