Setting up Users


Users in Audit Assistant are those with unique logins who will carry out the work, review the work (including external peer reviewers). A user may also be assigned to receive and access billing information (for example an accounts payable person). Third parties (e.g. clients) may also access individual pages but this is through the sharing system (see Sharing Pages with Clients).

  1. The account owner is the first user - they set up further users from the Users tab in the sidebar as above - by default they will be emailed invoices but this may be changed to another user (say an office administrator or accounts payable person) if required.
  2. Each user is assigned a unique login name and password by the account owner.
  3. Each user must then be advised of these details by the account owner.
  4. A user may then change their own details (password and user name), from their own users tab.
  5. Only the account owner may change the role of users and delete users (say in case of leaving firm).
  6. Before deleting a user the account owner should ensure that all their jobs are complete or else work that they have done will have no user name assigned - it is better in these cases to change their password in the interim to restrict their access but leave their work history.
  7. Users work is automatically tracked, dated and tagged with their name.
  8. Roles carry the following levels of authority:

See Client Creation and Deletion

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