Setting up firm logos and letterhead

This option allows firms to customise the look of the software and work papers produced to their own firm and to create letters and documents with letterhead graphics printed. Setting this up or changing settings is restricted to the account owner.

  1. Go to the Account and Billing page and click the Custom Graphics button - tick the items you wish to add and browse to the appropriate files
  2. The files will resize to suit, however we suggest that your firm logo and display logo should be in the range of 500 to 800 pixels wide.
  3. A higher resolution logo will look better (particularly on modern retina screens and printing) - we recommend .PNG format as this usually provides the lowest file size for the sharpest images.
  4. Display letterhead on Documents should be between 1000 and 2000 pixels wide, and it will be resized to fit the page. Height should be no more than a ratio of width to height of 8:1. If your letterhead uses the sides or bottom of the page you will need to make a custom letterhead to fit the available space.
  5. Your graphics will now display on the login page, on the homepage and on the top right of each page in the workbook.  To display letterhead edit the document from the parent page - tick use firm letterhead.


See Setting up Users

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