Logging in

Audit Assistant is accessed from a URL unique to your firm that is chosen on sign-up. This will be your firm name (or abbreviation if you wish) followed by .auditassistant.com.

Each firm has an account owner (usually the person who signs up for the account). This person chooses the URL and their own username and password. They then set up further users, allocating them with a temporary password that they may then reset themselves.

For example the firm Butcher, Baker, Candlemaker and Co could have the URL https://butcherbakercandlemakerco.auditassistant.com or you could shorten it to https://bbcco.auditassistant.com. In the case below the firm Demo and Associates has a shortened URL https://demo.auditassistant.com.

To log in type your firm URL into your browser. This will return a screen like this:

  1. Enter your username and password and you will be taken to the homepage.
  2. Each user should have their own unique login and password (see Setting up Users).
  3. May have multiple instances of AA open (different clients and/or even different parts of the same client) - say on dual screens, or even on more than one computer at a time
  4. May copy and paste notes between jobs or pages and drag and drop text or attachments to duplicate or create cross references
  5. Any number of users may work on the same job at the same time as all data is updated in real-time and tagged with the user name and time of entry

See Setting up firm logos and letterhead






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