Access to the unique homepage/welcome page for each firm is from a URL chosen on signup:

  • This consists of firm name (or abbreviation) followed by .com
  • Each firm has an account owner (usually the person signing up for the account)
  • This person chooses the URL and their own username and password
  • They then set up further users, allocating them with a temporary password that they may then reset themselves
  • In the example below the firm Demo and Associates has a shortened URL https://demo.auditassistant.com

To log in, type the firm URL into browser - this will return a screen as follows:


  • Enter username and password then click sign in or enter to access the homepage
  • Each user should have their own unique login and password (see users)
  • Multiple instances may be open at once say on dual screens, or on more than one computer at a time (different jobs and/or even different parts of the same job)
  • May copy and paste comments or attachments between jobs or pages within jobs and drag and drop text or attachments to duplicate to new location or create cross references
  • Any number of users may work on the same job at the same time as all data is updated in real-time and tagged with the user name and date of entry


See Setting up firm logos and letterhead






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