Audit Work-flow

Within Audit Assistant the auditing and assurance standards have been fitted into a logical sequential flow following best auditing practice. This enables the user to begin work in the A section, completing planning at the E section, then working through the F to V sections completing evidential testing according to the risks and other factors identified in planning, then in the W to Z sections the work is completed with a summary of the work done and results obtained and production of appropriate reports as follows:

  1. Each job is driven from the Control Page - a summary of the whole audit with branches to subsections
  2. Other key pages are Planning Document (summary of assessed risks and audit approach) and Audit Summary Information Page (what has been done and an overview of the outcomes)
  3. Emphasis is on risk identification at the planning stage and creation of Audit Plan around these identified risks
  4. Each risk identified must then be addressed in terms of level of risk and appropriate audit response - carried through to selected work papers
  5. Further risks identified during fieldwork may require planning document to be updated
  6. Management letter points and errors are identified during the process, created on the work-paper and flow into summary pages in the finalising section
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