Online Collaboration

The online delivery of Audit Assistant allows the potential for powerful team synergy

  • Users may log on to their work wherever there is internet connection (via broadband or wireless)
  • Multiple staff in any number of locations may work on any part of the audit workbook concurrently
  • Partners or managers may review work in spare moments from overseas, in airports, cafes via Laptop, Smart-phone or Tablet

User rights

  • Each firm has a unique URL
  • Each user is assigned a unique login and chooses a password
  • Users are also allocated a role by the account administrator (Partner, Manager, Senior, Junior, Peer Reviewer)
  • These allow different levels of authority (only a Partner can perform the final sign off for example)
  • Staff are assigned to individual jobs and only able to work on those jobs
  • As work is performed each work item is tagged with the user name and date of work completion, providing total accountability
  • Only staff at a higher level may delete or edit work,
  • When work is edited it is re-assigned to the editor (name and date)


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